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Karate-do, the „path of the empty hand“ is a martial art from the Okinawa islands in Japan. Originally developed by the local Okinawa population it only reached the Japanese mainland a hundred years ago. It was quickly adopted by the country’s nobility and spiritual elite.

Karate is of two minds. It provides a hands-on self defense, that aggressively confronts the opponent. It lets us act out uninhibited archaic instincts like  aggression, rage and fear. This alone points us to deeper experience of our existence.

At the same time, fighting is most effective with a fluid mind and detached emotions. Karate invites us to transcend set patterns and abandon fixed view points. It gently sets our mind free.

The two senses are intertwined and enhance each other. In our practice, we address both of them directly.

         In traditional Karate, we practice basic techniques, katas and self defense. A solution focused mind serves as the bedrock of the practice.

          In solution focused Karate, we use Karate exercises to guide ourselves to a gentle inner attitude.

Mentally focused Karate is the physical counterpart to stillness exercises. Both kinds of training can be physically intense and involve reasonable contact with sparring partners. They complement each other to a balanced whole.

We practice both directions weekly and in intense workshops of several days length.

We practice Karate three times per week and during intense seminars of several days length:

Weekly Training times:

Traditional Karate (Beginners)

Tu 8-9:30 pm in Bechsteinfabrik


Solution Focussed Karate

Wed. 8:15 - 9:45 pm in ZYS, 4th floor


Stillness Exercises

Wed 6:45-8 pm in ZYS, 4th floor


Traditional Karate (Intense)

Sa 10:45 am-12:45 pm in Abada


Our next intense workshop:

July 3rd to 6th

Intense Karate Workshop at Gut Stolzenhagen





Free trial class!

Info und sign-up:

T: +49 174 3790176


Free Trial Class!

Information and Registration

T: +49 174 3790176